CERAMICS 2017 – 2018

Her early works focused mainly on production, and thus fell into the commercialised aesthetic category. Moving past this, she found her own voice by treating the surface of whatever she was creating as a canvas, on which her thoughts and feelings are projected. Magda is inspired by her heritage, utilising where she comes from to clarify where she’s going. She has also come to critically engage with the astounding levels of violence and political scandals that are crippling South Africa. Through the juxtaposition of elements that speak of tranquillity and love with death and corruption, she tries to process the conflicting sense of belonging and rejection of a South African identity.


Each member of her extended family is individually made, named and hand painted and is either a planter or a vase.

LITTLE GIRL (h25 x w16 x d12cm)

SENORITA (h22 x w19 x d17cm)

TALL PERSON (h38 x w14 x d14cm)

TALL (h37 x w22 x d16cm) AND MEDIUM (h30 x w14 x d22cm) VASE WITH LINE DRAWING

PETS – SMALL (h15 x w10 x d12cm)

PETS – LARGE (h17 x w17 x d16cm)

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