“by the grace of God…”


Kamers / Makers Cape Town 28 Feb – 4 March 2018 – We got the Kamers Award for the best product range for 2018

Kamers / Makers Johannesburg 25 – 29 April 2018 – I was interviewed by Espresso, a morning breakfast show, and appeared on their TV show on SABC 3. Three people from Kamers Johannesburg were chosen: a food outlet, a guy making bags and our Studio.

Garden and Home February 2018 One of the face-people was featured in this issue of Garden and Home.

Home / Tuis May 2018 Two of the face-people were featured in this edition.

23 May 2018 I was interviewed by Rian van Heerden from Jacaranda FM as part of a TV series he’s busy with. I had to talk about the face-pots and the studio.


Graaff Reinet Advertiser  “Love out of nothing at all” 31 March. Recycled rubber vases from an exhibition with James Barry at Nieu-Bethesda, Karoo at the ‘Waenhuis’.

Magliuomini  “Threads of stars” 13 June. Granny squares and the Echo kudu was featured.

Crochet concupiscence  The top 5 best blogs of Australian crochet mentioned Magda’s Echo kudu.

Platteland magazine  winter 2017 ‘Pot luck’ article about rubber pots.

Kamers / Makers Irene 5 – 10 Dec 2017


Home/Tuis Festina-Lente guest-house in Hurlingham, Sandton, units Magda conceptualised and decorated were featured.

Nifty Homestead 6 May. Telephone wire art with my brooches and trophy heads.

Country Life In their August issue, an article about Oude Werf (Boutique Hotel in Stellenbosch) with Magda’s trophies were featured.


Connecting a Country  Magda was mentioned in an article written by Pascale Theron.


Recycle Art  Mentioned her trophies in an exclusive article.

Media 5 Home Magazine  June. Festina-Lente guest-house in Hurlingham, Sandton, units Magda conceptualized and decorated were featured.

Attire  12 August. Mentioned Magda van der Vloed as their, “Upcycle Idol”.

DBE  November. Her echo kudu was part of the national governmental art exam paper for matriculants to analyse.


Home/Tuis  Festina-Lente guest-house in Hurlingham, Sandton. Units that were conceptualized and decorated by Magda were featured.

Foxter  4 February. “Between needles, threads & wefts”.

Bensimon Poster  March. Home Concept Store in France featured her recycled plastic bottles with crochet tops.

Isandi  Plastic crochet vases were represented by this Norwegian agent.


Inner design  Mahatsara in Paris displayed her crochet vases and crochet kudu artworks in February.

Elle  In March this magazine did a spread on her recycled bottles with crochet plastic tops.

Fashion Buddha  This blog mentioned Magda and her works in an April post.

Kathryn Kure  14 May Katheryn spent time with the artist and described it as a “an inspiring morning with Magda van der Vloed at her workshop”.

Stash and Treasure  7 June. Recycler’s Market. Echo kudu.

Crochet Concupiscence  11 June. Her echo kudu-made from recycled plastic bags and covered in granny squares-was featured.

House & Leisure  June. Recycled plastic vase with plastic crochet top from recycled bags was mentioned.

Ideas Magazine  June. Plastic chairs with recycled plastic crochet cushions was praised in an article.

Elle Décor  June/July issue, 2 page spread about her filigree and crochet vases.

Hand/Eye Magazine  New York based Marcella Echavarria interviewed Magda and was described as one of South Africa’s top artists and designers.

Visi  Spring edition: “Fauna & Flora” Giant ‘Oh dear’ trophy head with Proteas growing from its head, from a group exhibition at the Everard Read Gallery, was featured.

Knittwittowo  4 August. The Plarn revolution. Featuring the Echo kudu.

Arcelor Mittal  25 August. “Silent Language of Design” written on the “Oh Dear” trophy head at show at the Everard Reed Gallery.

Animal Magnetism  30 August 2012. Barbara Cole wrote an article about Magda and her trophy heads were featured.

Purl about Town  11 September. Ekhaya exhibition during Olympics in London. Magda’s work was part of the South African pavilion and talked about on this blog.

Plascon Trends  2 November 2012. Anne Roselt wrote an article about faux Taxidermy trends and her echo crochet kudu was featured.  Green trophy head with transfers as shown at the Maison&Objet in Paris.


Mums  Music House in Stockholm opening. Collection of wire brooches to embody the theme of the event, “Hertta loves music”.

French Elle  In May an article on 15 most innovative eco-design products featured Magda’s wire birds.


Women’s Health  ‘Must have jewellery’ article featured the springbok skin birds range.

Mango airline  In-flight magazine article in March.

Conde Nast House & Garden  April issue included photos of her brooches in a “Rooms on view” article.

Ideas magazine  September issue featured her springbok skin bird brooches.

Quai Branly Museum  In October the Museum located in Paris decided to include some of my telephone wire products in their permanent display and sell them in their museum shop.


Mango airlines  An article in the February In-flight magazine discussed the work Magda and her husband were doing at the time.


Leef  She was interviewed and photographed for a 5-page spread entitled ‘My lewe is ‘n plakboek’ (translated it means ‘My life in a scrap-book’).

Elle Magazine  Her flamingo and butterfly brooches were featured in the February issue. One of her floral brooches was on the cover of this edition.

Maison de Objekt In January, her range of springbuck skin brooches were represented and exhibited by Mahatsara, a French importer, in Paris.

Elle Magazine  In the Winter issue, the ilala palm protea she developed with a group in Northern KZN featured under the most desirable products showed on the Design Indaba Expo 2008.

Top Billing  In August one of the top interior decorators in SA chose the most beautiful objects on display at Decorex, and her ilala protea, pincushion, aloe and strelitzia were among those chosen

Sawubona  In December this in-flight magazine for South African Airways featured her brooches, which were modeled by a top Jazz musician from Kenya.

Femina Magazine  Their December issue included her protea brooch as one of their most desirable items of the year.

House and Leisure  In November, some of the ilala palm vessels that she designed for Aid to Artisans were featured in one of their decor spreads.


Plascon Colour Forecast  Included a protea brooch and a patterned handbag.

Plascon Colour Forecast  Featured the stone candlestick holders from Mozambique

Elle Deco  January wish list  featuring the natural soft wood horns that Magda designed for Boaventura in Mozambique.

Design Indaba  In February her protea brooch was nominated in the jewellery category for the exhibition in Cape Town as the most beautiful object in South Africa exhibition. Only 15 objects were chosen country wide and one in each category. It was on display during the Indaba.

New Horizons Exhibition  5 of Magda’s telephone wire and beaded brooches were chosen the contemporary jewellery from South Africa exhibition in München. These were then selected for an exhibition at the “Atelier Marina Dempf” in Berlin.

Atelier Marina Dempf  4-13 May  the brooches were then selected for this exhibition in Berlin.

Museum of Bohemian Paradise  In June of that year they were then displayed at an exhibition in Turnov, Czech Republic.

Charon Kransen  Owner of a prestigious art/jewellery gallery in New York, bought 3 brooches at the first exhibition in München for his permanent collection at his gallery.

Living and Loving  In May, metal work designed for Lou Harvey, a well-known interior decorator from Durban, featured in the décor section of this magazine.

Sawubona  June, South African Airways in-flight magazine featured Magda’s designs and work done for Phumani Paper.

Tinsel  20 custom designed handbags in pink Springbuck skin, leather and 50’s fabrics were on display at an invite-only June Exhibition for Contemporary South African Handbags, organized by Geraldine Fenn.

Flamingo Exhibition  In September Magda participated in this exhibition with a range of exclusively designed flamingo brooches in telephone wire, beads, pink springbuck hide and a few mixed media works.

Sarie Magazine  July edition featured her telephone wire and beaded brooches.

Garden and Home  Magda’s handbags were chosen by Margaret Woermann from the Cape Town based design shop, “Heartworks”, as one of the 10 things she couldn’t live without.

House and Leisure  In October, they introduced Magda’s new range of handbags.

House and Leisure  In November, she was interviewed for a full-page profile. It focused on her rage of springbuck skin and beaded brooches, the product development she was doing and her contribution for Aid to Artisans in Mozambique.

House and Leisure  In November, her springbuck skin butterfly brooch was featured under the section ‘Things that caught our eye’

Leef  In their November issue, in an article about Margaret Woermann from “Heartworks”, Magda’s protea brooch was mentioned as one of her most desirable objects.

Classic Feel Magazine  In December, Magda was interviewed and photographed, and featured in an article on South African Jewellers.


Real Simple  Featured a brooch from ‘vir Vonk en Vaderland’ range.

Real Simple  March issue front page featuring a protea brooch.

House & Leisure  Featured a telephone wire fish and wire trophy head.

Li Edelkoort  Chose a collection of her ceramics that were on display at the Design Indaba in Cape Town for an exhibition in Norway, entitled ‘North and South’.

Essentials  The brown softwood horns developed for Boaventura from Mozambique were featured.

House and Leisure  Featuring a rusted candelabra that was developed by Magda.

Elle Deco  Winter edition wish list.  Featuring the wooden orb candlestick holders developed with the softwood carvers in Maputo, the capital city of Mozambique.

House and Leisure  June Dulux paint promotion. Featuring the wooden orb candlestick holders developed with the softwood carvers in Maputo.

House and Leisure  Private house project featuring the wooden orb candlestick holders developed with the softwood carvers in Maputo.

Shop Magazine  “Edge of Africa” article featuring a protea brooch & handbag with strelitzia image.

Elle Deco  Wish list mentioned the stone candlestick holders Magda designed for Dimande, a crafter in Mozambique.

House and Leisure  Dulux paint promotion: The stone candlestick holders developed for Dimande from Mozambique were featured again.

House and Leisure  June revamp ideas, set of 3 stone candlestick holders from Mozambique were shown in a refurbished house.

House and Leisure  July inspirations. Featuring a telephone wire brooch from the ‘Vir Vonk en Vaderland’ range.

You  April local design, a Mandela handbag from Magda’s range was included, as well as a feature article on her products.

House and Leisure  October Garden section highlighted 3 telephone wire brooches from the ‘Vir Vonk en Vaderland’ range.

House and Leisure December shopping edition spoke of the shweshwe boxes that were developed in Eshowe for Phumani Paper, as part of a feature on community projects.


Visi  A South African high-end design and lifestyle magazine, featured a photographic and editorial spread of a Chapel and Wedding venue at Tala Private Game Reserve in their ‘Amazing Spaces’, which had been conceptualised and produced by Magda and her husband.

Visi  Summer issue featured a telephone wire brooch of the ‘vir Vonk en Vaderland’ range.

Visi  Summer issue featured the collection of horns designed for Aid to Artisans in Mozambique in February of that year.

Style  October issue featured an aloe brooch from the ‘vir Vonk en Vaderland’ range.

Cosmopolitan  November issue featured a bag from ‘vir Vonk en Vaderland’ range.

Your Family  Article documenting Magda’s projects at the time.

Elle  December issue featured brooches from the ‘vir Vonk en Vaderland’ range.

2003 – 2004

Australian Vogue Living  Many products developed and designed during this period she collaborated on with BAT (Bartel Art Trust) and were featured in this prestigious magazine.

Aid to Artisans  Market Readiness Training Course, Hartford / New York.


House and Leisure The interior of Magda’s house was featured in a photographic and editorial spread in the June edition of ‘House and Leisure’, a South African high-end design and lifestyle magazine.


SBDC  ‘Best Entrepreneur of the Month’ award from the Small Business Development Corporation, chosen country wide.


Cosmopolitan Magazine  Featured Magda as their ‘Mover of the month’ – a title given to an individual under the age of 30, who had achieved something extraordinary.


PUT  Four ceramic pieces purchased for the Pretoria University of Technology permanent collection.

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